Thursday, September 18, 2008

You've been served (Tea, formally)

so i did other stuff today. It rained. I Went to Shinjuku. Bought some stuff. Oh - Joe sent me directions to a local Old School Traditional Japanese Game store, in hopes I could find a Tehonbiki set for myself. I went and found it no problem. is directions were flawless. They didn't quite have what i wanted, but i bought a set anyways, just to have one.

Afterwards, I returned to the Andon and took a dip in the jacuzzi again. My back is killing me and soaking in the hot water seems to help a little. Afterwards i promptly fell asleep. when I awoke, it was already 6:45. I had signed up for the Japanese Tea Ceremony at the hotel and it started at 6:30! I ran out to the restaurant and there were already 6 people and the teacher sitting back on their feet ready for the ceremony to begin. I apologized for being late and sat down. Since I was late, I didn't really know what was going on. They had already started a little into it. I soon found out I was in the first chair and would be the first to have to mimic the teacher's moves. I was very nervous when the teacher got up, looked at me and said "your turn." I had not been watching as though I would have to do it myself. I got up and traded him seats. I sat in front of the water and tea and what not and proceeded to do as much as I could remember. Everyone once and a while, I would hear the teacher say very good under his breath. After I finished serving my classmate, he said Excellent! Very Very Good! Shen the next student went. She had to be reminded of many of the intricate steps. When she finished the teacher said "well done." Not to toot my own tea serving horn, but I was late to class and did the best. Suck it, Megatron! I am the tea ceremoniest!

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